The High Costs of Elite Level Sport

As incredible as it is to watch athletes like Lena perform, it’s important to remember the high costs associated with elite level sport. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a self-funded discipline meaning that although Lena represents the country, she is required to fund her training and competition expenses herself!

For Lena and her family, these expenses can be a real challenge. With 25 hours of training per week, she needs access to top-quality facilities, coaches and equipment. And when competitions come around, there are travel and accommodation costs to consider as well as entry fees. Additionally, Lena needs access to physiotherapy and nutrition support with the costs all adding up.

Unfortunately, without the generous support from sponsorships and fundraising, Lena will be unable to sustain the level that she is currently competing at. So here is where you can help Lena to continue on her journey and achieve her dreams!


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